Aeron is maker of the hottest new product on the lifestyle market…

A wearable nail polish bottle holder!

Aeron is proud to be the manufacturer of the next big thing in nail polish accessories!
tweexy™, a nail polish bottle holder that you WEAR on your hands WHILE you polish your nails, hit the market with tremendous splash in February ’16 and is taking Gen X, Gen Y, Nexters, and tween consumers by storm.

How many of us have thought “If I just had somewhere to put that polish bottle while I do my nails….”

Having no options, the bottle goes between your knees or other precarious surfaces, ripe for spillage disasters. Designed to all sizes and shapes of polish bottles, tweexy is the “why-didn’t-I-think of that?” solution.

The mothers of invention are Elizabeth Boyle and Mark Miclette of Station 22, LLC who spent two years querying women of all ages about their needs in beauty supplies. tweexy is their first born.

As they worked to refine and perfect tweexy’s innovative design for mass market appeal, Elizabeth and Mark turned to Aeron Lifestyle Technology, Inc. for engineering, a tight supply chain and speed-to-market manufacturing.

“We shopped this project all over the U.S. but were repeatedly told it could not be done without modifying the design. Aeron is the only firm that didn’t say that,” Miclette noted.

Aeron President Nate Orme-Johnson said Aeron’s ability to make tweexy to Station 22’s specifications is based on its designers’ abilities to work at precise tolerances so the product holds its shape and strength.

“We know how to strike the balance between the material, the durometer and the thickness so that the product holds its strength, but remains flexible when in use.”

The result has been tweexy’s explosive entry onto the lifestyle products market.

tweexy is available on

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Aeron Lifestyle Technology, Inc. General Manager Obtains Lean Six Sigma Certification in Manufacturing Operations
September 30, 2016
FAIRFIELD, IOWA – Peter Harrison, General Manager of Manufacturing at Aeron Lifestyle Technology has been awarded the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification in manufacturing by the Management and Strategy Institute.

Harrison runs Aeron’s Advanced Manufacturing subsidiary in Mason City and coordinates with the company’s off-shore manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico.

Harrison certified in the intensive training program after completing course work at the Green Belt and Black Belt levels of the Lean Six Sigma process.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that helps to improve production performance by systematically eliminating defects, overproduction, wait times, non-utilized talent, transportation, and inventory.

Motorola is holder of the Six Sigma trademark and was the first to apply the principles to manufacturing and other organizational procedures. Bill Smith, the Father of Six Sigma, introduced the statistical approach while working at Motorola, garnering attention for the practice when saving the company more than $16 billion over a 15-year period.

Harrison said he sees the best application of the Lean Six Sigma process in predicting defects. “Applying these principles we can manage defects down to literally three or four per million and that’s a big savings that we are able to pass onto the customer,” he said.

Aeron Chief Executive Officer Patrick Kosar said, “Pete has consistently shown a strong motivation to elevate the performance of the Mason City plant. This is a great accomplishment that will allow us to run more efficiently and to serve our clients in new and better ways.”

Aeron Lifestyle Technology was founded in 2000 with the invention of the Drive Time™ Car Diffuser for essential oils. Today, Aeron products include air-care devices and fragrance diffusers for both national brand retail chains and white label clients in North America.

Aeron Advanced Manufacturing is expanding the product line into lifestyle promotional products for home, office and auto.

The Aeron companies offer end-to-end global supply chain management, innovative and focused research and development, state-of- the-art fragrance development, robust operation and compliance systems, and industry-leading turnkey manufacturing processes.

Aeron Advanced Manufacturing Exhibits Multi-Sensory Promotional Product Line at International Expo

Aeron Advanced Manufacturing, LLC, a subsidiary of Aeron Lifestyle Technology, Inc., will exhibit in the PPAI Expo in Atlantic City this month, heralding a major move for both companies as they expand their offerings in the promotional products business.

“Whatever you need in promotional products with multi-sensory impact, we’re making it,” says ALT President Nate Orme-Johnson. Aeron promotional products will be marketed under the Scentual Living™, Drive Time™, Scent D’Eva ® or Scentual Adornments ™ brand names held by Aeron.

ALT is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative air-care and fragrance diffusing devices. The company recently expanded into lifestyle promotional products for home, office and auto.

Supported by the 15-year track record of its parent company, AAM, based in Mason City, Iowa offers end-to-end global supply chain management, innovative research and development, and unique deco and fragrance options for off-the-shelf and custom promotional products.

Aeron is committed to its “bringing jobs back to the U.S.” approach in the manufacture of promotional products. By partnering with factories in Mexico and China, and investing heavily in state-of-the art injection, filling and assembly automation, the company combines the best of made-in-America with the cost benefits of near-shore and off-shore.

For more information, contact Aeron President Nate Orme-Johnson at 641-472-9643.