Aeron selected as manufacturer of Station 22’s tweexy™ invention

Engineering capabilities, a tight supply chain and speed-to-market manufacturing are cited as three reasons Aeron Lifetech was selected as the manufacturer of a flexible silicone nail polish bottle holder that hit the market in February.

tweexy™ is the invention of Station 22, LLC founders Mark Miclette and Elizabeth Boyle who researched and designed the product over two years. Once the design was perfected, the founding pair wanted a manufacturing partner that understood the engineering requirements to make the product exactly as envisioned.

“We shopped this project all over the U.S. but were repeatedly told it could not be done without modifying the design. Aeron is the only firm that didn’t say that,” Miclette noted.

Aeron President Nate Orme-Johnson said Aeron’s ability to make tweexy to Station 22’s specifications is based on its designers’ abilities to work at precise tolerances so the product holds its shape and strength, no matter the bottle shape or size.

“We know how to strike the balance between the material, the durometer and the thickness so that the product holds its strength, but remains flexible when in use,” Orme-Johnson said.
The result has been tweexy’s explosive entry onto the lifestyle products market.

tweexy is available on

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