Scentual Living by Design’s® electric aroma diffuser features a low-profile, high-gloss heater with an elegant chrome band decorating the front vent, and can be plugged into any 110v outlet. Includes one 24 ml bottle of custom-formulated fragrance to last 30-45 days. Finally, a diffuser that looks as great as it smells.

* Elegant design accents any décor
* Verstile rotating plug for vertical or horizontal outlets.
* Six delightful fragrance options
* 24 ml fragrance oil lasts 4-6 weeks
* UL Listed


DriveTime ™   12V Car Aroma Diffuser

AutoScent 12V Diffuser is the world’s finest car fragrancing device. It has been engineered for superior effectiveness, safety, reliability and aesthetic

* Accents any interior
* Two delightful color or fragrance options
* Lasts up to 8 weeks
* All natural fragrance oils

ScentWandIdeal fragrancer for small spaces, the Scent Wand blends into your décor when at rest, but gently wave your ScentWand for a fragrance boost when needed! Comes with 2 bags of scented plastic beads to provides months of as-needed fragrance.

* Accents any décor              
* Refillable                        
* Passive fragrance lasts up to 8 weeks                              
* Wave wand for fragrance boost

Battery Sizing Kits – 2 packbatery

Easily converts any size battery to the size you need!

* Convenient for travel
* converts AAA, AA, C & D styles