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AERON specializes in the development and execution of full-fledged air care programs for leading retail chains and consumer brands. We are experienced at every stage of the process from conceptualization to delivery of finished products. We make launching a program easy – we do all the work for you.

AERON’s capabilities span the full gamut from custom private-label programs to retail-ready merchandise lines. We can take a concept and develop it through all stages of R&D, design, engineering, production, testing and delivery. Or we can deliver full finished programs including products, packaging and merchandising displays.

Custom Complete

Aeron’s Custom Complete service is for customers who want an entirely unique home fragrance product line. Choose from a vast array of product categories and sub-categories: active (electric, 12 volt, USB or solar-powered), or passive; table-top or mobile; utilizing synthetic or all-natural, liquid or solid fragrance loads. Product offerings include the tried-and true and the latest innovations. Aeron will work with your in-house design and/or merchandising team to build a product line and supply chain to your specifications. Lead time is 12 -18 months. Requires design and tooling investment.

Private Label

Aeron works with some of the top retailers in North America to develop and manufacture private label home fragrance programs on a turn-key basis. Private label is ideal for customers who want to keep up-front costs to a minimum while still having design input. With Aeron’s Modular Manufacturing™ you get exclusive designs built around a standard chassis. Variations include color, surface deco, toppers for our proprietary electric heater or decorative slides for the Aromables passive diffuser, and branded packaging. Lead time 6 – 9 months.

AeronBrandsGifAeron BrandsAeron now offers a complete line of home, car and personal air care and fragrancing products, off-the-shelf and ready for immediate delivery under the following trademarked brands:
• Scentual Living by Design™
o Our most complete home and car fragrance line,    targeted to women
o Everyday and seasonal offerings (holiday, spring, fall)
o On-line marketing will also drive customers to retail outlets
• Aeron DriveTime™ – car fragrance devices targeted to men
• Scent D’Eva™ – scented resin accessories for tweens
White Label This hybrid program puts your name and custom packaging on existing Aeron products, giving you speed to market (2 – 4 month lead time), market-leading products, and an opportunity to extend your existing brand.